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Why is Emergency Dental Care Important?

Have you just broken or lost a permanent tooth? Do you have severe tooth pain or swollen gums? Emergency dental care is an important aspect of preventative dental care that stops further oral health issues or complications. Our dental practice offers emergency dental care for patients in Timonium, MD to help them restore the function and comfort of their smiles.

Emergency Dental Care in Timonium, Maryland

Preventative Emergency Dental Care in Timonium, MD

Common dental emergencies include lost teeth, toothaches, and dental injuries. Patients can lose their permanent because of an accident or severe disease or decay. Replacing missing teeth with dental implants or an implant-secured dental restoration helps patients restore the appearance and comfort of their bites.

Toothaches are typically a sign of a bigger oral health problem. Many patients who have tooth pain may also have cavities or tooth decay. Dental injuries or hits to the teeth during sports can also cause tooth pain. Addressing toothaches can prevent the spread of decay or add support to an injured tooth.

We also see patients with dental injuries such as broken, chipped, or cracked teeth. Dental crowns and even tooth extractions and dental implants help patients bite and chew comfortably. Dental injuries can make it uncomfortable for patients to eat, speak, and enjoy their lives comfortably. Treating dental emergencies improves the smile and prevents further damage to the teeth and gums.

Patients Review Our Emergency Services

“I had an emergency for my crown was falling off and couldn’t get to my dentist for over a month, well I started looking for a local dentist and did a lot of research and decided on this practice. I am so happy that I did, I was very pleased from start to finish starting with the first call. I would recommend this practice to anyone looking for a new office to go to.

-Mary R.

“What a great experience, I had a cracked tooth and they took care of a problem I had from my previous dentist, and they explained what they would do to fix it. This really put my mind at ease. They were very knowledgeable and professional. Dr. Karpovich and his assistant were awesome, and the rest of the staff couldn’t be more friendly. If you’re looking for a dentist look no further.”

-James S.

“What a great experience. After a long absence from the dentist office, I was having immediate trouble with a crown among other issues. I spoke to a couple of friends for references and was told about Dr. Paul Karpovich. He and his entire team provided me with the best dental care I have EVER experienced! Professional, courteous, and friendly staff… would highly recommend to anyone!”

-Donald W.

If you have a dental emergency, please call (410) 221-3085. You may also schedule a dental consultation if you do not require urgent dental care but require restorative or cosmetic care.