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Dental Bridge Timonium, MD

Are you missing multiple consecutive teeth? Receive a dental bridge in Dr. Paul Karpovich’s Timonium, MD dental office. Dental bridges are restorative dentistry restorations that “bridge the gap” between missing teeth and remaining natural teeth. Dr. Karpovich helps patients get the oral health care they need by taking their goals, dental history, and budget into account.

Receive Dental Bridge in Timonium, Maryland

Types of Dental Bridges from Paul W. Karpovich, DDS, P.A.

Dr. Karpovich offers fixed and removable dental bridges to patients with multiple missing teeth. He will work with you to determine whether you would benefit more from a fixed bridge or removable bridge:

  • Fixed Bridges: We recommend securing dental bridges with dental implants because they provide more structural support. Dental implants require less maintenance and permanently secure the dental bridge restoration.
  • Removable Bridges: Although less costly upfront, removable dental bridges are not as stable as fixed bridges. Removable dental bridges are also not as permanent as fixed bridges.

Treatment with Dental Bridges in Timonium

We will refer you to a dental specialist if you require dental implants to secure your dental bridge. For more traditional dental bridges, Dr. Karpovich will prepare the teeth on either side of the gap by removing a small part of the enamel. He takes dental impressions of your teeth in order to properly create your crowns or implants.

Dental crowns provide a stable bite and support to natural teeth. A traditional dental bridge is supported by two adjacent teeth and requires dental crowns to secure the bridge. Implant-secured dental bridges are supported by strategically placed dental implants.

Caring for Dental Bridges

Your mouth will feel numb after treatment, so refrain from eating hot foods or drinking hot beverages until the numbness has worn off. Avoid eating sticky and hard foods as this can damage the restoration. You may experience some temperature and pressure sensitivity, which should subside a few weeks after the placement of the final restoration.

Restore Your Smile Today

Do you want to restore your smile? Are you looking for a stable and secure restoration? Try treatment with a dental bridge. Call (410) 221-3085 for an appointment. You may also schedule a consultation with Dr. Karpovich on our website.