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Tooth Pain Timonium, MD

There are many reasons you may be experiencing tooth pain. These reasons range from minor problems to major problems that require emergency dental care. To make tooth pain more complicated, the severity of the pain does not necessarily determine how minor or major the problem is. The only way to know for sure is to visit your dentist. Dr. Paul Karpovich is an expert dentist that helps patients treat their tooth pain in Timonium, MD.

We provide treatment for tooth pain in Timonium, MD


What Causes Tooth Pain?

Tooth pain or a toothache can come on slowly or strike suddenly. It can vary from a dull, achy pain to sharp shooting pain. This is because the causes of toot pain vary greatly. Below is a list of common conditions that can cause pain in your tooth:

Periodontal Disease

Even though the disease is located in your gums, when left untreated it can spread to the connective tissue and jaw bone. This can lead to inflammation and pain that can cause a toothache.

Tooth Decay (dental cavity)

A tooth cavity that you ignore will grow deeper and wider. Eventually, the inner layer of the tooth is exposed. This will create a great deal of sensitivity and pain for that tooth. This is the most common reason for tooth pain.

Sensitive Teeth

There are many reasons your tooth may be sensitive. A tooth cavity, enamel erosion, teeth grinding, gum disease, and receding gums are just a few.

Teeth Grinding

Constantly grinding your teeth can lead to a toothache in any of the affected teeth. This activity damages the teeth by wearing them down or even creating chips and cracks in them.

Trauma to the Tooth

Any hard hit to the mouth can lead to pain in a tooth. This can be from a ball if you participate in sports or from a car accident.

Tooth Infection

An infection in the tooth is caused when bacteria is able to enter the inner chamber of the tooth where the nerve endings are located. This can be very painful and will require treatment as soon as possible.

Tooth Abscess

A tooth abscess will form if a tooth infection is not treated right away. This condition is extremely painful and can even be life threatening. It creates a lot of swelling around the tooth and even the face. Most people know when they have an abscess due to the extreme amount tooth pain they have. A tooth abscess is considered a dental emergency.

Damaged Dental Restoration

A damaged dental filling or tooth crown can expose the most sensitive parts of a tooth. It can also allow bacteria to enter the tooth which can lead to a painful infection.

Treatment for Tooth Pain in Timonium, MD

Dr. Karpovich will suggest treatment based on what is causing your tooth pain. Common treatments we offer include:

When should I visit my dentist for tooth pain?

It may be hard for you to gauge when you should reach out for medical help when pain in your tooth is involved. However, the only way to know for sure if the problem is serious or not is to schedule an appointment with your dentist. If over the counter pain medication does not work or if the pain lasts more than two days, you call your dentist. Definitely call us if the pain is accompanied with ear pain, fever, swelling or difficulty opening and closing your mouth. This can be a sign of a dental emergency.

Dr. Karpovich is a caring dentist that can help you find relief from your tooth pain in Timonium, MD. You can reach our dental office at (410) 221-3085 or request an appointment online by filling out this form.