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Crooked Teeth Timonium, MD

A perfectly straight smile is something most people want. With modern cosmetic dentistry, it is easier than ever to achieve this. Dr. Paul Karpovich is a talented cosmetic dentist in Timonium, MD that will help you straighten your crooked teeth if you so desire.

Dr. Karpovich can straighten your crooked teeth in Timonium MD

What Causes Crooked Teeth?

There are many reasons you can develop crooked teeth. In most of the patients we see, genetics and factors out of the patients control are the reason their teeth are crooked. Crowding, jaw size and shape, having too many teeth, bad bites, and bad palate development can all cause the teeth to grow in crooked.

However, there are also many preventable things that can contribute to unaligned teeth. Some of the common examples we see are childhood thumb sucking, using a pacifier as a baby, and injuries to the face which results in teeth coming in crooked. Additionally, if you have missing teeth and you do not fill in that gap, the surrounding teeth can grow in crooked or shift out of place.

The Importance of Fixing Crooked Teeth

If you have crooked teeth, it is better that you straighten them. However, unless there is an oral health reason, you do not have to do it. Most dentists simply recommend it. This is because straight teeth are easier to care for. Brushing and flossing in between straight teeth is more effective. This will lessen your chance of getting dental cavities and gum disease. Crooked teeth also have a higher risk for wear and tear. Over the years, misaligned teeth can constantly rub in certain spots on teeth. This will cause the enamel to wear down and the tooth to possibly break. As you can see, straightening your teeth will lessen your chance of developing certain oral health concerns.

Crooked Teeth Treatment

If you want to straighten your teeth because you are unhappy with how it makes your smile look, the good news is you can do it without braces. Dr. Paul Karpovich offers several treatment options for crooked teeth in Timonium, MD.


The Invisalign clear aligner system is a great way to straighten teeth discreetly. It involves using numerous sets of aligners to slowly push your teeth into proper alignment. We will take digital impressions of your teeth and use the images to create a custom treatment plan for you. The aligners are made at the Invisalign lab and then shipped back to our dentist office. You will wear the aligners for at least 22 hours every day. About once a week, you switch to the next set of aligners. Invisalign aligners are clear and very thin. They will apply a gentle pressure to shift your teeth, but other than that, they are very comfortable.

Porcelain Veneers

For patients who are not interested in orthodontic treatment, we can also straighten crooked teeth with porcelain veneers. A tooth veneer is a thin shell made out of tooth colored material. It will cover the entire front portion of the tooth once your dentist bonds it in place. With this dental restoration, you can essentially change the entire shape and color of a tooth. This will hide any blemish including misalignment. The dental veneer process involves two trips to the dentist office. At the first visit, we will prepare the teeth and take impressions. At the next visit, once the dental lab returns your custom made dental veneers to us, we will bond them in place.