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Full Mouth Restoration Timonium, MD

A full mouth restoration is often a combination of dental treatments and procedures performed over a period of weeks or months. Full mouth reconstructions in our Timonium, MD dental office combine cosmetic and restorative dentistry services that help improve the form and function of your smile.

Dr. Karpovich welcomes patients suffering from an uncomfortable bite, poor oral health, and complex dental problems often resulting from avoiding the dentist. Our team works with patients individually to identify underlying problems and create dental health solutions.

If you have a misaligned bite, tooth damage, missing teeth, or advanced gum disease, we can help. We use advanced technology and can offer the latest techniques for results built to last for lifelong oral health.

Restore Your Smile in Timonium, Maryland

Full Mouth Restoration Treatments

A full mouth reconstruction may include any of the following procedures:

Dr. Karpovich will educate you on your treatment options and expected results. Our office will work with you to determine dental health benefits or discuss other financing options to manage your budget needs.

Restoring the function and beauty of your smile can give you back an improved quality of life. Eating and speaking confidently after tooth loss and feeling great about the appearance of your smile are important for overall health and wellness.

The Process of Rebuilding Smiles

To begin treatment, Dr. Paul Karpovich will discuss your oral health and cosmetic goals and evaluate the condition of your smile. He will examine and analyze all aspects of your smile, including the jaw joints and muscles. By performing a comprehensive and thorough oral health exam, he can identify the underlying causes of your oral health concerns.

Recommended treatment will be designed to address any underlying bite problems or other complex dental concerns that may affect the integrity of your results.

Dr. Karpovich uses modern digital dental technology to examine the smile and create an accurate treatment plan. Digital impressions and photography find areas of wear, tension, damage, or loss. Dr. Karpovich and his dental team aim to ensure that the chosen treatments improve the stability, health, and appearance of a patient’s smile.

Full Mouth Restoration FAQS

A full mouth restoration is a complete makeover of your smile. Learn more by reading the answers to these commonly asked questions.

Does full mouth restoration hurt?

We take care to ensure that you’re comfortable throughout the entire procedure. Local anesthetic keeps the areas we’re working in numb until the procedures are complete. Depending on the procedures done, we’ll provide you with aftercare instructions to ensure that the healing process is as comfortable as possible.

How long does full mouth restoration take?

It all depends on the procedures needed for your unique case. Every full mouth restoration is different. If the problems are just cosmetic, treatment options like porcelain veneers can resolve the problem in two visits to our dentist office. When the jaw structure is involved, it may take weeks or months to completely sort things out. Orthodontics and other solutions may need more time to get the teeth and jaw into the right position.

Is full mouth rehabilitation the same as full mouth restoration?

Yes, these are different names for the same process. It also may be called a full mouth reconstruction or a few other names. Each represents a set of procedures where the goal is to completely overhaul the mouth’s structure and appearance.

What are the benefits of full mouth reconstruction?

There are many benefits to a full mouth restoration. To start, it makes you feel more confident in your smile. You’re proud to show it off. You have a healthier mouth overall and can eat all the foods you want. Your smile is more comfortable, and you aren’t in pain or discomfort daily because of your oral health. The benefits all depend on the things that your restoration will be correcting.

Is full mouth reconstruction expensive?

It depends on the services you need and how they’re classified. Your insurance doesn’t usually cover procedures that are considered solely cosmetic. Dental crowns are usually covered because they’re necessary for function and oral health. Porcelain veneers, however, are often not. We’ll also estimate costs when we assemble a treatment plan for you.

Do I need a full mouth restoration?

If there are multiple dental problems that you wish to correct, a full mouth reconstruction is probably the right choice for your needs. Common problems include advanced damage or decay, severe periodontal disease, complex bite and alignment problems, and more.

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