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Tooth Infection Timonium, MD

A tooth infection is a serious dental condition that you will need to seek treatment for as soon as possible. The infection will continue to spread beyond the tooth. This is when a tooth abscess will form. An abscess is a very painful dental condition that may cause you to lose your tooth. If treated effectively and in time, it will not progress into an abscess. Dr. Paul Karpovich is a talented dentist that offers treatments for a tooth infection in Timonium, MD.

We offer treatment for a tooth infection in Timonium, MD

What is a Tooth Infection?

A tooth infection develops when trauma, damage or decay causes bacteria to enter the tooth and kills the nerves in the tooth. The outer layer of your tooth, the enamel, is a very strong and hard mineral that protects the inner tooth. When it becomes compromised, bacteria can enter the tooth and cause an infection.

While the enamel is very strong, it can decay from lack of proper oral hygiene. When a cavity forms, it will eat away at the enamel. If not treated, the hole will grow deeper and larger exposing the inner tooth. Other ways the inner chamber of a tooth can become exposed is gum disease, large chips in the tooth, a cracked tooth, or any kind of damage to a tooth. These events make it easy for infection causing bacteria to enter the tooth.

Symptoms of a Tooth Infection

An infection in your tooth will affect the nerves and this is very painful. Most people who have an infection will know due to the pain. It can also cause inflammation which leads to swelling. A full list of tooth infection signs and symptoms include:

  • Tooth pain
  • Swelling around the tooth
  • Unable to chew food due to pain
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold

Treatment for a Tooth Infection in Timonium, MD

A tooth infection is a bacterial infection and will not go away on its own. You must seek emergency dental care from trained dentist. Because the nerves die due to the infection, some people think they no longer have a problem with their tooth. However, the infection is still present and must be treated before it spreads to other parts of your body.

If your dentist catches the infection in time, he will perform a root canal. This is a conservative treatment option that will remove the infected tissue from the inner chambers of the tooth. It will also save the tooth and prevent it from needing extraction.

Root Canal Therapy

A root canal can typically take place in a single appointment. Dr. Karpovich will numb the area around the tooth to prepare you for treatment. He will begin by drilling a hole in the tooth to access the inside chamber. Using special tools, he will remove all the infected tissue. Then he will clean and disinfect the inside of your tooth. Dr. Karpovich will fill the inside chambers of the tooth with a material called gutta-percha and seal the tooth shut. After a root canal, most patients will need a dental crown to protect the tooth and prevent further damage.

Dr. Paul Karpovich offers treatment for a tooth infection in Timonium, MD. Book an appointment online with him today if you think you may have an infection. You can reach our office at (410) 221-3085.