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Emergency Dentistry Timonium, MD

In the event of a dental emergency, call our office at (410) 221-3085

Dr. Paul Karpovich is an emergency dentist in Timonium, MD. Along with his dedicated dental team, Dr. Karpovich aims to accommodate his patients as quickly as possible. He is equipped to provide same-day emergency services for patients with lost teeth, infections, tooth pain, and more.

Emergency dentistry is a general dental service that can preserve the health of the teeth and gums. Our staff will help ensure that you feel relaxed and comfortable when you come to our dental office for care.

Emergency dentist in Timonium, Maryland

Common Dental Emergencies

We treat patients who have recent dental trauma or pain. The most common problems patients encounter include:

  • Knocked out tooth: If you have just knocked out a tooth, apply a damp cloth onto the tooth socket. If you can locate your lost tooth, handle it by the crown, or top of the tooth. Gently rinse the tooth and place it in a glass of saliva or milk. Teeth that are preserved like this may be able to be reattached within one hour of loss. Dr. Karpovich may also suggest a single dental implant to replace your tooth if it is lost. Dental implants are sturdy restorations that blend in with patient’s natural smiles.
  • Tooth pain: If you are experiencing severe tooth pain, contact our office right away. Sometimes tooth pain can be caused by a tooth abscess or dental cavity. A broken dental filling or restoration can also cause tooth pain. We will find the source of your pain and determine the best course of treatment.
  • Broken dental restoration: If you have just broken a dental restoration, do not try to replace it on your own. A broken or dislodged dental crown or filling needs to be secured or replaced by our professional dental team.
  • Bleeding gums: One of the most common signs of gingivitis, or gum inflammation, is bleeding gums. If your gums bleed, we can provide periodontal therapy treatments like scaling and root planing. These treatments provide a deep clean and help stave off a gum infection.
  • Object stuck between teeth: Gently floss between your teeth to help remove the object. Do not use sharp objects to try to dislodge the object because this could damage the teeth or gums. If the object cannot be removed, contact our office so our staff can help you.

Preventing Dental Emergencies

With the right dental care, some dental emergencies are preventable. If you or your child play contact sports, a professional mouthguard can protect the teeth from injury. Patients with worn or weakened teeth may receive dental crowns to protect and support the dental structure.

During regular dental appointments, our hygienists thoroughly clean the teeth and gums. Then Dr. Karpovich examines the gum and dental structures to catch early signs of tooth decay and gum disease.

Emergency Dentistry FAQs

A dental emergency can happen to anyone at any time. Read more to learn more about dental emergencies and what you should do in the event of one.

Can I experience a dental emergency if I take really good care of my teeth?

Yes, you can still experience a dental emergency. Chipping a tooth, breaking a dental restoration, or knocking a tooth out all occur when you experience trauma or a hit to the face. Something as simple as biting down on your fork accidentally at the wrong angle can chip or break your tooth. However, taking good care of your teeth does minimize the chances of one happening to you.

Can I go to the emergency room if I experience a dental emergency?

No, dental emergencies can only be handled properly by a licensed dentist. Most emergency rooms don’t have these. If there’s a problem with the soft tissue, like a severe cut to the cheek, this can be taken care of at the emergency room.

What’s the most common dental emergency?

Tooth pain is the most common dental emergency. And tooth pain can have a range of different causes, so it’s always important to get it looked at. Anything from a dental infection or abscess to decay and cracks or breaks can cause tooth pain. It’s always better to be safe when you experience pain and get it looked at.

Are all dentists emergency dentists?

No, emergency dentists have extra training to handle immediate emergencies, not just typical preventative care and general dentistry tasks. Dr. Karpovich is one of those dentists. Our office is able to provide timely care for dental emergencies.

Can I prepare for a dental emergency?

Having a dental emergency kit ready can help you if you find yourself in this situation. Good items to include in a kit include gauze, dental numbing cream, small containers for broken teeth or restorations, and saltwater for rinsing out the mouth. It’s always better to be as prepared as you possibly can.

Do I have a dental emergency?

Anything that needs immediate attention is a dental emergency. If you have any sharp or sudden pain or bleeding, that’s a classified emergency. Others include a broken dental restoration, a large chip or break in a tooth, or a completely knocked-out tooth.

Request an Emergency Consultation

Call our Timonium, MD dental office for emergency care at (410) 221-3085. For non-emergency dental concerns, you may schedule an appointment with Dr. Karpovich on our website.