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The Benefits of a Locally Owned Dentist

When choosing a dentist, you want to choose someone that will meet all your needs (and your budget). It can be nerve-wracking or at least hard to navigate a sea of dental practices. You must consider schedule availability, depth of care, budget, and many other qualities. Once you decide what is most important to you, then it will be simpler to make those decisions. A good old-fashioned pros and cons list always helps. 

One area of focus that may help you narrow your options is if you prefer a locally owned dentist or a corporate dentist. Corporate and locally owned dentistry may not be a topic you have even thought of or heard about. But, you may be shocked how the differences might sell you on one over the other. 

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What Is Corporate Dentistry?

Like most industries, the dental world is not safe from the switch to corporate efficiency. Corporate dental practices have multiple locations and multiple dentists. Each dentist works under one corporate name. Essentially, a corporate group owns the practice rather than a local dentist. This may not seem like much of an issue. But, a corporation may not be able to provide the customer service you prefer. 

You can access more dentists with a corporate dental practice than a locally owned practice. Therefore, if you have a tight or hectic schedule, it may be appealing to choose a corporate practice. Additionally, corporate dental practices tend to have a more budget-friendly price tag. Also, you will still experience good service from a corporate dentist. However, a local dentist can give you more than just decent customer service.

Why a Locally Owned Dentist?

Everyone creates their own list of needs when it comes to their dental care. Of course, budgets and schedules are important for almost everyone. However, you should think about the relationship that you develop with your dentist. 

In private dental practice, you receive higher quality, personalized dental care that you can’t get with a corporate dentist. Corporate dental practices desire to see more patients rather than individualized care. A local dentist knows you personally. This helps them make decisions about your dental care that fits your specific needs and concerns

With a local dentist, you can create a relationship with your dentist and their staff. This relationship makes an atmosphere that can’t be replicated in a corporate office. Your health and state of mind are priorities with a local dental practice. If you are a patient that feels fear about visiting the dentist, you should consider a local dentist. 

Above all, your decisions about dental care should involve who will take care of your teeth—not just the cost. The relationship you create with your dentist can be better for you over time. This is because they are more focused on preventative dentistry and your well-being.