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Treatment Options for a Chipped Tooth

Our teeth can often withstand a great deal of pressure or tension without breaking. However, certain conditions can lead to chips and fractures that damage our overall oral health. If you have a chipped tooth in Timonium, MD, it’s crucial that you treat it as soon as possible. Ignoring even a small chip in your tooth could lead to further damage or even decay. After examining your bite, your dentist can help recommend the best treatment option based on your specific case.

A CHIPPED TOOTH in TIMONIUM MD often needs immediate treatment to prevent further damage

How to Treat a Chipped Tooth in Timonium, MD

Fixing a chip in your tooth can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Minor chips and factors could be fixed with dental bonding or filling. But more extensive cases could require a dental crown or porcelain veneer. Your dentist will need to examine your tooth to determine the depth, spread, and shape of the chip. These are the main factors that go into creating the right treatment plan for your restoration.

Fillings and Bonding

If you have a minor chip, you may be able to treat it with a dental filling or dental bonding. These methods often work best on minor cases of damage. For most patients, filling or bonding can be completed in one appointment. Your dentist will apply a tooth-colored bio-composite material to your tooth and shape it to match your natural tooth structure. In some cases, you can fix a chipped tooth and complete other cosmetic work through dental bonding at the same time. Once the shape is correct, your dentist will cure the material to create a strong and durable bond.

Crowns VS. Veneers

Both dental crowns and porcelain veneers can be utilized to treat a chipped tooth. If the chip is in your posterior (back) teeth), your dentist will likely recommend a dental crown. However, if the chipped tooth is part of your smile line, you may want to get veneers instead. Porcelain veneers work to protect and preserve a chipped tooth, much like a dental crown. However, veneers are fabricated with a more cosmetic approach. With veneers, you can fix a chipped tooth and adjust your smile in other ways as well.

It’s important to note that insurance companies are typically more restrictive with cosmetic treatments. If you’re getting veneers to fix a chipped tooth, you may be able to get partial coverage for the tooth that is damaged. However, other veneers in the treatment plan may not be covered.

What To Do if You Chip a Tooth

If you chip a tooth, you should contact your dentist as soon as possible. While you may be all right waiting a few days, untreated chips can expose your tooth to worsening conditions. If you can’t get an appointment right away, be sure to chew on the opposite side of your mouth. You’ll want to continue to brush and floss your tooth to prevent plaque buildup. However, it’s crucial to use a soft bristle brush and apply only gentle pressure to avoid further damage.

If you do have a chipped tooth, call us today at (410) 221-3085 to schedule a consultation and see which treatment options are available.