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What To Do If Your Tooth is Knocked Out

Have you just lost a permanent tooth? Do you need emergency dental care in the Timonium area? Restore your smile at the office of Dr. Paul Karpovich. Dr. Karpovich replaces single or multiple missing teeth in his Timonium, MD office. He provides urgent dental care or emergency dental treatment to his patients. Whether you have a broken restoration or a lost tooth, Dr. Karpovich has the expertise and experience to find the right solution for your current needs.

Missing Teeth in Timonium, Maryland

How to Treat a Lost Tooth At Home

If you have just lost your tooth, try to pick it up by the top or crown. Do not touch the tooth roots. You may be able to place it back in the tooth socket. Gently hold it by the crown and position it by the socket. Then, slowly close your mouth. You can also hold the tooth in place and gently bite. If you cannot place it back in the socket, place the tooth in a cup of cold milk. We may be able to reattach the tooth if it is preserved in this way. Take gauze or a clean cloth and place it at the tooth socket to prevent bleeding.

Options for Missing Teeth in Timonium, MD

Dr. Karpovich offers several restorative treatments if patients cannot reattach their missing tooth or teeth:

Dental Implants

A dental implant may restore a single missing tooth or multiple teeth. Implants are titanium screws that an implant surgeon places in the jawbone beneath the gums. Once the implants are healed, they are a permanent part of the mouth. Dental implants replace a knocked-out permanent tooth. A single implant is covered by a dental crown which looks and feels like a natural tooth. However, implants may also secure a bridge or denture.

Dental Bridge

Dental bridges help “bridge the gap” between multiple missing teeth. If you have consecutive missing teeth, we can restore your smile with a bridge. Traditionally, bridges are held in place by adjacent natural teeth. However, the bridge prosthetic does not support the gum or bone tissue of the mouth. Implant-secured dental bridges support the health of the teeth and gums. Implants create a stable foundation for a dental bridge to replace several consecutive lost teeth.


We recommend dentures for patients missing full rows or arches of missing teeth. Partial dentures may replace rows of missing teeth in the mouth, while full dentures restore upper and/or lower arches of teeth. Removable dentures use an adhesive that does not fully hold prosthetic teeth in place. Alternatively, implant-supported dentures restore teeth at the root and make it easier for patients to eat and speak comfortably.

Replace Missing Teeth in Timonium, MD

Are you a new patient? Call us at (410) 221-3085. Current patients can call (410) 628-6070. Feel free to request a dental appointment with Dr. Karpovich if you do not have a dental emergency. Please let Dr. Karpovich know if you have any further questions about your missing teeth options and he will be happy to assist you.